Rick Jordan

Rick is presenting 1 seminar and 1 workshop. For the ASK THE EXPERT – submit your questions when you register for this unique ‘new’ workshop where the delegates help finalize the workshop topics and discussions.

rickjordanRick is a professional aviculturist with over 20 years experience, Rick Jordan has worked with prestigious avian collections throughout the world, including Loro Parque in the Canary Islands and the Schubot Avicultural Breeding and Research Center (ABRC).

With his partner Mark Moore, Rick owns Hill Country Aviaries, LLC. The facility participates in several Species Survival Plans and Studbooks and, in 2007, is being awarded its third U.S. First Breeding Award from AFA.

Rick is committed to wild bird conservation and serves as AFA’s CITES Committee Chair.

After assisting with the establishment of a captive breeding center for the rare Lear’s Macaw, the Brazilian Wildlife Management Authority (IBAMA) honored Rick with an invitation to become a permanent member of the Lear’s Macaw Conservation Committee.

He has been a consultant to the Department of Wildlife of New Zealand, providing input to a governmental plan to help increase the dangerously low numbers of Kakapo and providing training in hand-rearing in case intervention should become necessary during the nesting process.

A world-renowned lecturer and author, Rick Jordan is best known for the following publications:

  • “Parrot Incubation Procedures”
  • “Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds”
  • “Parrots: Hand-feeding and Nursery Management” (with Howard Voren)
  • “African Parrots” (with Jean Pattison)
  • “Incubation and Hatching” video
  • over 150 articles in scientific and trade journals, including:
  • AFA Watchbird
  • BirdWorld
  • Parrot World
  • Association of Avian Veterinarians Journal
  • Parrots Magazine
  • Australian Birdkeeper Magazine

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