CPC 2015 Guest Speakers

We are very excited to present our CPC 2015 guest speakers!  Scroll down the page for this year's lineup.  Please note that this year, on the Sunday, we have two events run concurrently.  There will be 5 speaker presentations in the Oakwood Ballroom plus Barbara Heidenreich's Workshop in the Wellington Room.  If you wish to attend the workshop on the Sunday why not consider joining us on the Saturday too so you will get enjoy at least 5 of the 10 speaker presentations.  By the way, Barbara Heidenreich will also be one of the presenters on the Saturday.  So as you can see a jam packed weekend you won't want to miss!



Seminars (Sat & Sun) – 9 AM to 5 PM

CITES – Travelling with Parrots (Sun)

Thinking about traveling with your parrot across borders?  CITES is joining us this year to provide guidance as to how an owner can properly prepare if they have to travel.  Sadly, in the past, many folks have had to re-home their parrot companion because they were “told” they could not take it with them or […]

Charles Britt (Sun)

Charles will be presenting the tireless work he and his team undergo in an effort to help stop the persistent nest poaching of Scarlet Macaws in Belize.

Dr. Hugues Beaufrère (Sat)

TOPIC:  Common diseases per parrot species that have been presented at the Exotic Clinic at University of Guelph as well as  atherosclerosis in parrots and what we can do to minimize these conditions with the parrots we live with. Dr. Beaufrère received his veterinary degree from the University of Lyon, France in 2006. He then […]

Dr. Dale Smith (Sat)

TOPIC: PDD latest research Dr. Dale Smith will be presenting the most current research and results on PDD, the devastating virus that has claimed the lives of many pet parrots.   Researchers Aim to Clip Wings of Avian Disease Diagnostic Tests to Help Stop the Spread of an Incurable Disease Test  Will  Help Stop Spread […]

Bennett Hennessey (Sat & Sun)

TOPICS:  Day #1 – Bolivian endemic Blue-throated Macaw.  Day #2 – Lear’s Macaw – Parrots International’s support of the ECO program by Kilma Manso (Corn Subsidy Programme).  This is the chosen conservation project where the proceeds from this year’s CPC and the 2015 Pennies4Parrots Challenge will be donated. Born in Quebec City, Bennett grew up […]

Kristi Flemming (Sun)

TOPIC:  “Foraging in 5 Minutes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Enriching our Parrot’s Lives, On Time, and On Budget” – This newest workshop seeks to help parrot owners give their parrots the opportunity to engage in the most basic of natural behaviours – foraging.  Parrots spend most of their time in the wild looking for and […]

Barbara Heidenreich (Sat & Sun)

We are excited to announce that Barbara will be a guest speaker for both days of the conference as well as providing a one (1) day Parrot Behavior and Training Workshop (“hands on”) on the Sunday (to run concurrently with the CPC).   This is the perfect opportunity for your and your companion parrot to learn […]

Josee Bermingham (Sat)

Josee will present HARI’s Early Parrot Education Programme:  A complete & innovative parrot educational guide.  The EPE programe is  for breeder facilities, retailers and even pet owners.  It has been over 7 years in the making by HARI and will provide guidelines for domestically raised parrots with an outcome that will result in a companion […]

Workshop (Sun) – 10 AM to 5 PM

Heidenreich_YNAmazon-tBarbara Heidenreich

Are you struggling with parrot behavior problems? Are you wondering how to train your parrot to be more fun and interactive? Or do you just want to find ways to create the best life possible for your feathered companion? Then join us for an informative day of Force Free Animal Training (FFAT). FFAT is the term Barbara Heidenreich uses to describe her style of animal training. Force free means the use of coercion and aversives to get desired behavior are not an option. Instead Barbara focuses on using positive reinforcement, empowering animals to choose to participate and building a relationship based on trust. This results in a well behaved, interactive and entertaining companion parrot. We will explore FFAT via lecture, video, games, activities and live training demonstrations. You can expect an informative, inspiring and fun day of learning.