CPC Pet Policy

parrot1While pet birds are welcome, the Canadian Parrot Conference will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries or illness as a result of attending the show.

The Holiday Inn has an atrium for their main floor with a ceiling that reaches the balconies of the 4th floor rooms. BIRDS MUST be caged, clipped or harnessed in this area. It will not be the responsibility of the hotel OR the CPC directors to retrieve any flighted birds that escape in this area. The vendor and seminar rooms have low ceilings but we would request that flighted birds remain under the control of its owner and is not permitted to fly around in these areas as well.

If you wish to bring your pet, please read the guidelines below.

  • Birds MUST be healthy and PREFERABLY WELL FEATHERED.  Due to the public nature of the conference not everyone in attendance comprehends the complexity or varying reasons that cause feather plucking in these highly intelligent birds.  We would like to welcome everyone to bring their healthy feathered friends to attend our seminar, workshop and tradeshow areas.  We reserve the right to remove any birds that appear unhealthy.
  • ONLY pet birds will be permitted to attend the conference areas (no babies or unweaned birds, and no birds undergoing rehabiliation or recently ‘rescued’)
  • No birds for sale.
  • If a bird is causing distraction during any of the guest speaker presentations, we would request that you and your bird leave the conference room.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to CLEAN up after your bird.  Drop cloth must be used to reduce any messes (fecal matter, feathers, food, etc.).

Holiday Inn Pet Policy

parrot2Holiday Inn’s pet policy is that guests are responsible for the actions of their pet. If there is damage to the room a guest would be charged or if the pet caused disruption that resulted in adjustments to another guest then the pet owner would have to pay for those adjustments. A form must be completed at the front desk.

Holiday Inn Pet Policy