Stands by Nature


In the wild, birds spend the majority of their time in trees. These trees are  all natural and so are our stands and that’s important for birds, here’s why:

It’s your birds feet.  They’re designed to grip naturally to textured barked branches without holding on or gripping.  In fact, foot problems are a real problem with captive parrots.

With natural hardwood branches, they don’t have to grip or hold on at all.  They can comfortably stand in place on thick or thin perches.  When we build our stands, we use a wide variety of perch diameters specifically for your birds comfort.  Your parrot spends virtually all his time on his feet, doesn’t he/she deserve the best perches to stand on?

Most play gym materials are unnatura and polished and uncomfortable for your parrot.  Natural hardwood is 100% comfortable for your parrot, they will love standing on it.

The diameter of the perches (when custom ordered) is determined by the size of the bird(s). If you have multiple birds, we will want to know your entire flock, then we can design and build a stand that is appropriate for all.  As such, all of our stands are unique and never is one stand identical to another.

Natural hardwood encourages your parrot to chew and gnaw.   They’ll happily spend hours and hours working on and chewing natural hardwood.   Bark is soft and chewy, and the wood underneath is hard.   Your parrot will have a great time chewing on the natural hardwood bark.

All of our natural hardwood is heated and treated to help protect the health of your feathered friend.

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