Dr Dale Smith, DVM, DVSc

Dr Dale Smith

Dr Dale Smith

Areas of Interest:

Diseases of Avian, Exotic, Wildlife and Zoo Animals.

Current projects: Proventricular Dilation Disease in psittacine birds, hepatic iron storage in psittacine birds, natural and experimental cerebral nematodiasis due to Baylisascaris procyonis in psittacine birds, control of reproductive cycling in veiled chameleons (Chameleo calyptratus).



CPC 2010 Workshop Details

A workshop intended for veterinary technicians and veterinarians interested in having “in-house” hematology capability. Discussions will include techniques for blood collection and processing, and there will be hands on opportunities to make and stain smears, perform cell and differential counts, and interpret blood smears from clinical cases. Individual microscopes and microscope projection facilities will be available.

CPC 2008 Seminar Speaker
Topic: PDD, Where are We Now?

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